Windermere Wealth Advisors, LLC

Helping you Achieve Your Vision of Financial Peace of Mind

Our Story

Welcome to Windermere Wealth Advisors, LLC. We are an employee-owned independent investment advisory firm built to assist individuals in turning their financial visions into a reality.

As the famous Lewis Carroll quote says,

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

This quote illustrates the impact of not having a carefully designed approach to your finances - if you don’t have an understanding of your financial and life goals, any savings and investment approach will appear sufficient. That is simply not true.

Windermere stands ready to assist you in establishing a roadmap for your financial life that includes not only a destination but the steps to get you there.

Best of Both Worlds

The investment management industry is comprised of many competing entities, some of which you may work with or have been introduced to. At a high-level, most firms fit into two categories:

  1. Large national entities (including banks/trust companies/brokerage firms)
  2. Independent boutique firms

Both categories present advantages and weaknesses when compared to the other option.

In our opinion, Windermere delivers the benefits of both models. Our independent structure allows us to provide high-touch, customized, and conflict free service to our clients. We are also able to provide our clients with investment offerings similar to those available at the larger firms by virtue of our relationship with SCS Financial (discussed here).

We believe this “best of both worlds” offering is unique in our industry. Contact us today to learn more.


Our Brand

Windermere was founded to create an investment advisory organization that would serve the investment advisory needs of clients better than any other firm. We believed that if we helped clients define and achieve their vision of financial peace of mind, we would have delivered on that promise.

The Adirondack chair depicted in Windermere’s logo is our personal representation of financial peace of mind. These chairs adorn the docks and decks throughout the Muskokas, a cottage community in Northern Ontario, and embody a true sense of clarity and serenity for our team. This serves as a constant reminder of our commitment to our clients and their unique visions.

What's your picture of financial peace of mind? Windermere stands ready to help you achieve it.