Top of Mind (Q2 2017)

Each quarter, we will share three things that we are keeping Top of Mind

Here's our latest list:

1.)    Fiduciary Rule - You may have heard about the new fiduciary rule in the media as of late, given Trump's delay of the rule and the recent effective date of June 9th.   At Windermere, we've always been fiduciaries, acting in your best interest and being on your team.  But this (shockingly) may not have been the case with all your financial relationships.  Read more about this long-overdue rule here and rest assured, we've always been and will always be your fiduciaries

2.)    Protect Yourself – Cyber security threats have become a part of our day-to-day existence.  Numerous attacks are being reported and countless more are being attempted on a daily basis.   While it is impossible to fully guard against the risks, there are a few careful measures we can take.  This short article from Schwab points out some important tips

3.)    Time reconsidered – This article was highlighted in a recent podcast I listened to.  It puts time in a whole new light.  Read it – I promise it will change the way you think about how you spend your time – and about the time you have left