Top of Mind (Q2 2018)

Each quarter, we will share three things that we are keeping Top of Mind

Here's our latest list:


1.) Keeping up with Washington - Now more than ever, the happenings in Washington DC are having an incredible impact on the markets and investing.  It's virtually impossible to keep track of the news flow on your own.  Enter Greg Valliere.  Greg has been speaking at Schwab events for years and we have always admired his ability to dissect political happenings and evaluate their market impact.  Greg publishes a daily email that cannot be missed, especially as we continue with the trade negotiations/war, midterm elections, supreme court nominations, and a host of other events that have the potential to greatly impact our country - and our investments.  Subscribe today here

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2.)  Taxes - We are now half-way thru 2018 - a year that brought a significant change to the tax code.  We have been hearing from a few tax professionals that the changes have led to some individuals no longer having proper withholdings (due to changes in itemized deductions, new tax brackets, etc).  Everyone's individual situation may vary and some people may still be withholding the proper amount.  Isn't it worth finding out for sure, while you still have time to adjust?  We think so


3.) A company we love - On a lighter side, we wanted to share with you a company we love interacting with for our business stationary needs  - MOO.  If you are a fan of the written word (as we are), check them out.  They produce beautiful paper products for business (and personal use) and do so with a high level of customer service, professionalism, and a bit of fun 

Top of Mind (Q1 2018)

Each quarter, we will share three things that we are keeping Top of Mind

Here's our latest list:



1.) Tax time - Deadline for 2017 tax filings (or extensions) is fast approaching!  This year's deadline is Tuesday April 17th.  In addition to any 2017 remaining payments, this is also the date by which you must make Q1 2018 estimated tax payments. 

We are also over a quarter of the way thru 2018, the year in which the new tax laws take effect.  If you've haven't yet evaluated how those changes will impact you, please reach out and we'll connect you to a tax advisor and help you start to take action.  Today is a perfect day to prepare for the rest of the year


2.) Never too old to learn - I've always loved learning of any kind.  That is why I was thrilled to recently discover Master Class.  For $180 per year (that's less than 50 cents per day), you have unlimited access to online specialty courses taught by masters in their craft.  Want to learn more about storytelling from Malcom Gladwell,  more on photography from Annie Liebovitz, or cooking from Gordon Ramsay?  Master Class has you covered. Let's learn together


3.) Focus - There is an incredible amount of information and opinions concerning the markets and investing.  A google search of "market outlook" yields 314 million results.  Where should you focus your time?  One of my preferred resources (besides Windermere of course!) is the investment team at Charles Schwab.  Visit their Insights webpage and subscribe to their various publications.  It's straightforward, unbiased, supported with facts, easy to understand, and focused on the longer-term.  Reach out with any questions on the material you find.  We'd be happy to discuss it with you and share our thoughts as well