Windermere Wealth Advisors, LLC, is an independent fee-based wealth management firm located in Milwaukee, WI.

We started our firm in 2010 for one simple reason – to empower individuals to live their best financial lives.

We understand that every person faces their own unique financial concerns. Regardless of your stage in life or your level of assets, it is natural to feel unprepared to handle the challenges and a bit uncertain as to the best path forward. We understand. That is why we are here. We work with clients to replace fear and anxiety with education and empowerment. We work with clients to build their financial self esteem and confidence. We work with clients to create their best financial lives.

Our Defining Principles

Our Core Values

We want you to feel understood and well taken care of. Here are the values that guide our firm:

Engagement: You are a key part of this process. It’s our job to make you want to be

Honesty: We will not shy away from obstacles or difficult conversations that need to be tackled

Expertise: Managing wealth requires extensive acumen and expertise. We will apply our skill set and a network of professionals throughout this process

Kindness: This is personal. We are here to listen. We are here to help

Our Mission

We want to empower clients to live their best financial lives. We hope you will:

Be Inspired to take control of your future. Start today

Be Intentional about your life and your dream. Focus fiercely on what you want

Be Empowered to make the choices necessary to reach your dreams

Be Confident in your financial future and in our collective roles in the process

Independence and Fiduciary Standard

Our commitment and dedication to our clients is unwavering. As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor firm, we are legally bound by a code of ethics requiring the highest obligation of care, good faith and trust to always act in our clients' best interest. We are independent of proprietary products, sales quotas or other conflicts of interest that could influence our advice. Learn more about RIAs and what makes us stand apart in our industry here.

Unlike brokers and financial representatives who are only held to a suitability standard, we are registered with the State of Wisconsin and adhere to the stricter fiduciary standard. In addition, as Chartered Financial Analysts, we are also held to the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct.

The Story Behind the Chair

The Adirondack chair depicted in Windermere’s logo is our personal representation of financial peace of mind. These chairs adorn the docks and decks throughout the Muskokas, a cottage community in Northern Ontario, and embody a true sense of clarity and serenity for our team. This serves as a constant reminder of our commitment to our clients and their unique visions.