For individuals interested in pursuing a relationship with Windermere, the following is an overview of our process.

1. Schedule a phone call with Pam Evason by completing this form. Together, we will begin to explore your needs and discuss whether an advisory relationship with Windermere might be a good fit for both parties.

2. If we think we may be able to help you, we'll schedule a complimentary in-person consultation to evaluate your needs in more detail and determine what Windermere can do for you.

3. Prior to the in-person meeting, we will ask you to complete our Prospective Client Information and gather needed documents. This information helps us get a sense of your complete financial picture and allows us to provide a proposal specific to you and your needs.

4. After our in-person meeting, both parties determine if your goals and situation make you a good fit for our firm.

5. If we decide to work together, both parties will sign a contract that includes a description of the services we'll provide and the fees we'll charge. We will also deliver an investment policy statement and ongoing investment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. We will then work to implement the recommended action steps and continue to work together to address your ongoing needs and changing circumstances.

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