Our business is wealth management – a powerful combination of wealth planning and portfolio management.

Wealth Planning Planning is the foundation of our journey together. We view it as an integral and ongoing part of our wealth management offering– not as a standalone service. As a result, at the outset of our relationship, we will conduct an assessment of your financial objectives and life goals. The results of this process will guide our investment approach and will be revisited over time.

Financial Consultation Wealth isn’t one item. It’s a complex tableau of a variety of factors, all of which impact your investments and ability to reach your goals. We understand. We will help you put the pieces together. Further, we have an extensive network of outside professionals who complement our wealth management services. We are happy to make introductions as well as serve as your advocate throughout the process.

• Cash Flow and Budgeting    • Saving and Investing
• Career aspirations               • Risk Analysis and Insurance
• Real Estate                          • Tax and Estate Planning
• Education Planning              • Employee Benefits/Stock Comp
• Charitable Giving                • Childcare and Eldercare Issues

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Portfolio Management A sound investment process requires a carefully coordinated combination of discipline, acumen, strategy, and time. Every element of your investment approach, including but not limited to the asset classes, risk and return profile, the nature of the investments, the level of diversification, specific area of focus (ex: international, socially responsible, women-centric) and the trading strategy will be customized to you and your goals.

Customized Service No two of us are exactly alike. We all have our own story and our own goals. We serve our clients in the way they want to be served. Some wish to be actively engaged – others don’t. Some would like in-person meetings, while others prefer email. Some enjoy online account access, while others seek paper reporting. You set the rules. This relationship needs to understand you. This relationship needs to work for you.